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as both a person with a commuter bike and bikeshare, different uses.

My commuter is good for when I have a safe place to store it (my office). But if I'm going out on the weekend or evenings, I will almost always use a bikeshare. No worries about theft, plus if it gets late and I need to call a taxi home, I don't have to come back for the bike. Drivers also give bikeshare users more room!

The thing about bikes is that they are so cheap compared to cars. You usually can easily afford a bike and bike rental!


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i sometimes wish we'd just pull the trigger and liquidate the car we only use occasionally. it is like a child and their safety blanket.

the car is such a hassle to deal with!


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Reply to comment by MaxAmericana in Recent DC Trip by HereComesHR

DC combines local and 'state' taxes. Texas decouples the two; you can't compare the two that way. Look up total tax burden. Heck, DC is lower than MD or VA for a typical family.