A40 t1_jeggdo2 wrote

I'd advise getting one from the pre-electronics era. You know: alternator and radio being the most complex things you have to worry about? Regular tuneups and watch for rust and you'll be good for decades of low-maintenance whoopie.


A40 t1_je69fbr wrote

It's a theoretical design based on a theoretical concept based on a theoretical future economy and a possible (in theory) public demand for such an outrageously expensive flight.

But (in theory) it will seat up to ten billionaires. But then their people will have to slum it on regular service along with the bags.


A40 t1_jd5gznc wrote

And send that multi-billion dollar probe (and passengers?) off on a multi-million year journey into .. space.

But not another star. Those things aren't going 'somewhere,' they're just 'going.'

And since we'd have to rocket the probe up to 'interstellar asteroid' velocity (committing it? a suicide run?) before the thing passed us by, the 'resources' available to the probe/astronauts on the thing would be a complete guess.