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Absolutely shameful. How completely unnecessary and insulting to not only our Rep. Eleanor Holmes Norton but also Resident Commissioner of Puerto Rico Jenniffer González-Colón (who caucuses with the Republicans no less!)

The language of the rule does let them be granted entry by the House, so in theory McCarthy could invite them for State of the Unions and other major events. Their privilege as an elected leader to do the basic act of walking into the chamber uninvited has been revoked, and that’s what’s so awful and demeaning about it.


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There’s actually a mystery employee who goes around different House Office Building bathrooms and fills up the bowls with enough toilet paper to reconstitute a tree, and then sh*ts so that their excrement sits on an island of toilet paper above the water.

It’s been going on for YEARS and every so often you’ll get some angry e-mail blast or laminated sign trying to scare the poo-petrator from striking again at their restroom.

Also be careful, some of the toilets in Longworth shoot water towards the stall door because it’s a bit too powerful for the slope of the toilet. If you’re not cleared outta there, either you’re getting an unsolicited bidet experience or your suit will have a wet spot on your backside.


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Those food trucks aren’t legally there. The NPS made a big deal of towing away some of their junk cars they use to keep the parking spots and issuing fines… for a day or two… and now it’s back to how it was.

Considering they get away with illegally operating on the Mall, I don’t want to know what their food standards or their fuel use is like. Walking by them is like inhaling a balloon of diesel.


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There’s a specific time period where if you transfer onto a bus from the metro, or from another bus, the fare is waived. 15 minutes I think?

I’ve even had a bus journey show up as zero on my Apple wallet smarttrip card without transfers, which struck me as odd!