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I’ve been here for most of my 33 years of life, I have Texas plates (dual residency). People treat me like shit on the road: I’ve learned to ignore it. I have a Maine license. Pull me over! Oh, wait… I’m the anti-camper, though. I will pass on the right. Enjoy your sight seeing.


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That doesn’t mean you get to moderate their behavior, Karen. This is how inappropriate road rage and “brake checking” accidents happen. You’re cruisin’ for an all inclusive vacation to Maine Med, bub.


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I use BOTH, but primarily the second way, born in Hancock county, raised there, too. Both my brothers fish, worked for the family restaurant. Doesn’t matter how you “qualify” the pronunciation, however, because IT DOESN’T MATTER.

Maine is riddled with accents, from downeast to transatlantic, to Boston bastardizations.