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I think you probably missed it. We did too. We saw 5 commercial planes in our visible airspace just 2 minutes before 1:55 pm when it was scheduled. We figured that meant they weren’t coming our way but we waited anyways till 2.

I’m guessing that means you and I weren’t on the flight path.


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You cannot possibly be that ignorant to think that it’s ok to call a black man in the south “boy.” Are you serious?

My southern father taught me that saying that was racist by the age of 5 or 6. I refuse to believe anyone living in the south is this uninformed and naive.

Just plain old gaslighting.


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You might want to check out the Boston parade on Sunday too. Expect a lot of drunk people roaming around, but there will also be families too


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Don’t get me wrong kids should not be around meth addicts (they imply it’s not his mom). However, Kentucky prisons don’t rehabilitate meth heads lol. They never have and never will. It’s Kentucky, not fucking Norway.

She’ll be getting meth in prison and she’ll be a meth head when she gets out.


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People who use Twitter as their standard for whether you’ll get bullied irl are chronically online. The Twitterati are nasty to everyone. You could tweet that you like sunshine and happiness and you’ll have an army of Twitter idiots bullying you. It’s where mentally ill bullies flock to after they finish high school.


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Yes in Barcelona, one of the cities with the worst short term rental problems in the world, this literally reached the point where there were 16k listings on Airbnb alone. It had an impact on housing affordability. People were renting homes to tourists instead of long term residents.

The issue with AirBnb, as you know (but some seem to not have figured out), is that what was once long-term residential housing becomes short term, hotel-like housing for tourists. It also often makes far more money than long term housing, which incentivizes real estate investors to buy up more and more units in the area to rent. Thus more and more supply is taken off the market for tourists, driving up rents for people in the city.


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I had 3+ roommates through my 2 year master’s program at MIT. It’s doable. I lived in Cambridge. This city has an abundance of well…to put it bluntly…shit-tier off campus student housing. 5 years ago I was paying $900/month for a 10x10 room which is large for student housing. 4 roommates, 1 bathroom, small kitchen, a tiny living room that barely fit a couch and a tiny tv. Plenty of code violations in the place. Rents have gone up quite a bit since then, expect to pay more.

You will need roommates.

Just don’t expect to be saving for retirement unless you’ve got mom and dad helping, which from your post it seems you don’t.


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It’s not like there hasn’t been millennia of Catholic abuse against Jews. The church tends to blame it on adopting pagan traditions but that’s not historically supported. The anti-semitism in the church was started by Christians, it wasn’t adopted from pagan converts.

All this to say there are many people throughout history who were labeled “good Catholics” who were anti-semites. This is nothing new, it’s as old as the church itself.