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Depends how many guns and if he was following the law or not. Considering he was firing shots illegally, well, you can probably guess his opinion on the law.

The "how many guns" part may sound stupid but there is such an idea as the "New York reload" which is firing one gun until empty and then just pulling out a second gun and firing that until empty rather than reloading. Cops used to do that with revolvers sometimes.


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No, trust me, they're not gay, but they are Swedish, and they have a fantasy where they're forced to dress in maid clothes and serve their 1940's German overlords in their newly built castles in what today would be Belarus and every now and then they dress in heels and put on a stage performance and their overlords laugh and smile and eventually become peaceful through the power of love.

I shamelessly paraphrased the first half from an internet copypasta


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>I'm trying to find a story in Iraq and Afghanistan where they shot down a hellfire missile with small arms.

No one is saying that, however the missiles have operators (who are human) and the operators have friends and families (who are human). The missile isn't what an efficient or effective guerilla would target.

>How will you fight the US Navy parked a good 200 miles off the coast and launching a tomahawk to blow up a neighborhood full of "rebellions" during this hypothetical Civil War?

Are you actually stating that you believe the US Government would indiscriminately level civilian neighborhoods using missiles during a hypothetical civil war? And if so, are you indicating that you would support the actions and legitimacy of said government?


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>Having guns to defend against tyranny is another popular but dumb take. If America goes into a Civil War, there's no way a neighborhood of armed civilians is putting an Abrams tank out of commission or shooting down a hellfire missile from a drone. Whoever has vast control of the military and their armament, wins...and that's probably the government which is (partially) funded by the same gun owning civilians via taxes. Absolutely hilarious that they arm their own government with superior technology while holding disdain for it.

This take seems to conveniently forget Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan.


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>Some states still don’t even have background checks at gun shows

As much as the media loves to spout out "gun show loophole", the gun show part is more or less irrelevant; It's "private seller vs FFL".

A private sale, in a majority of states, doesn't require a background check. If you want to buy from an FFL, however, you need to go through a background check, and that's federal law. The latter applies even if you are at a gun show, meaning that anyone legally in the business of selling guns has to background check you even if you're a friend or next door neighbor.

And technically private sellers aren't supposed to be selling guns for business/profit, though the interpretation of that is up for debate; rather, they can downsize their collection.


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Statistically CT in general is pretty safe, obviously use common sense, remember to lock doors/windows, and learn self-defense. These are things you should do in general, regardless of where you live IMO, so don't take it too nervously. When you compare Middletown to Hartford it isn't even close, so I wouldn't be particularly worried. Also plenty of nearby suburbs are fine. Cromwell, Rocky Hill, Portland, East Hampton, Glastonbury, Wethersfield, etc.


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>Green Party

Very strange way to spell Chinese Communist Party. Ah yes, let us bow down to Russia and China while wallowing about our imperialism that Russia and China apparently don't engage in (according to the Green Party) and pledge to give up our nuclear weapons (which Russia and China wouldn't give up). Amazing strategy.