AKAlarslars t1_ja86bwc wrote

The sound quality is excellent. However, the shuffle algorithm is laughably bad and the main reason I intend to drop Apple Music. I have over 12k tracks on my main playlist, but the "shuffle" plays only ~75 of them. Over and over. Similar problem with the customized (your name) radio. You can sort of get around it with Smart Playlists, but those do not sync or appear on other devices like streaming boxes, only on your phone or laptop.

If you don't need a good shuffle feature, it's great. The old disk-based iPod had a great shuffle algorithm, so I'm not sure why Apple decided to get rid of that, but it's truly the worst part of Apple Music. Spotify's shuffle is considerably better, but their sound quality is awful. If they ever get true lossless service (as they've repeatedly promised for years) they could own the category, but they're too stupid and/or greedy to ever do that. There is no single service that gets everything right.


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Older New Yorkers know. I first learned about Trump over 30 years ago, when I was warned not to do business with any of his companies because they're terrible clients AND they never pay their bills. We've been hating Trump before most people knew he existed. That's why we'e so good at it. Like Staten Island, he's one of those pathetic New York things that really should belong to New Jersey.