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No polar night at this low of latitude. Eagle River is more or less a bedroom community of Anchorage so our sun is setting ~5:30ish right now. Which, feels downright late compared to December! I'm in this area a lot in the summer, but never really awake late enough to catch the ~11:40pm sunset!


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I seriously appreciate your honest feedback on this, different strokes! The white balance is my favorite part and I didn't want to crush the blacks so I left some shadow detail in them. White balance starts to become pretty subjective when you are shooting longer exposures at lower lights, I chose to optimize for the alpen glow.


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Wow, that is really cold, even for here! I also lucked out on the weather, it really wasn't cold at all. It was probably in the low 30's and no wind whatsoever. I could hear owls hooting in the distance and as I got back to the trail proper, I even heard a wolf howl! I'm looking at booking the yurt now but...by the time there are weekend openings...it won't be very dark anymore.


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I took these photos Saturday night (2/4/23). I got lucky with the weather, the clouds were covering the Chugach all day, but parted at sunset. I took this on the frozen Eagle River, between the Yukla Yurt and the Echo Bend area of the Crow Pass trail. From this view, you can see nearly 7,000 feet of rise on the NW face of the peak. This is almost double the rise of in elevation you see on El Capitan from the Yosemite Valley floor. I climbed this one back in May of 2021 (from the much more moderate East/North East aspects).

Photo details: this is a panoramic of a few vertical shots stitched together. Why? Because I only had a telephoto with me and the composition at 100mm was too tight for my liking.

Camera and settings:

Sony A7RV

Sony 100-400mm lens

100mm, f/7.1, ISO 100, 1 second

You can see more of my photography here: