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180k a year to do exactly what?

Well written story, btw, because it contrasts it with another PR firm's relationship with a NJ school district, and how that relationship had a specific incident relationship to hire the firm, at a fraction of the price of the Central Bucks deal.

>Public relations firm Devine + Partners is no longer working for the Central Bucks School District after alleged “targeted harassment” from community members, according to the district.

This means what? People are asking about them specifically at public meetings? (hint: that's probably it, they didn't think this would get public press like it did)


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In fishtown, so my priority is to completely rip up frankford of all of its asphalt, completely rip out all of Girard's trolley tracks, trolley stops, and all of the road.

Why? I only have a day, so there is no way we can repave everything, but if I take out all of frankford, all the cutouts with shitty patches would get repaved.

Rip out Girard's trolley tracks and stops, and cross my fingers they'll get reinstalled in a way that the road can be aligned so that assholes aren't driving in and out of the trolley path at shit speeds when they go back and pave it and/or reinstall the tracks.


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To quote the bastard Andrew Jackson: "John Marshall has made his decision, ; now let him enforce it."

Lawsuits brought on by individuals are only good to address smaller issues. Slightly better is the lawsuits brought on by a federal agency, but even they have their limits (see the show "We own this city"), because they have some level of enforcement and supervision, they still don't technically have direct power to hire and fire, and the problem with PPD is inaction, not criminality (in general).

There are certain thing that must change only through elections, and this is probably one of them. Not just the mayoral position, but the council positions too, to have the collective representatives be politically aligned against the PPD's bullshit. That's going to be difficult, because there are certain parts of NE Philly and South Philly that are going to scream "Support your law enforcement officers!" even as they get their teeth knocked out by cops, and those words start sounding funny without teeth.

TLDR: not a legal issue, it is a political issue, and it is hard to change.


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it only takes marginal enforcement to stop 90% of dumb fucks from thinking they can get away with shit.

Case in point: Seattle has jaywalking laws, and everyone mostly follows it. How often is this law enforced? averages out about 170 jaywalking tickets per year in the past decade. 170 tickets a year, in a metro area of 4mm people, a laughably small number, but keeps much of the population from jaywalking.

Fucking pull over 100 cars a year, and you'll get assholes calling PPD nazis, but probably reduce a whole bunch of bad driving for that comically small number of actual enforcement.


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They know where the pills go...

So if a million pills go to a town of 5000, and these pills are usually prescribed 2 a day, and that pharmacy sells 200 pills/month of all non-opioid product, they can employ a simple macro in excel to throw up a red flag and check the numbers out.

Yes, people up and down the supply chain needs to be in jail for this shit, because people up and down the supply chain got rich from this statistically obvious activity.


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For those in Fishtown,

Hajimaru is back. Also they have sushi now, and unagi-don. I'm not close enough with the staff to ask them why they closed so long, but i'm just glad they are back in my lunch rotation (my wallet is not).


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Helps me sleep better at night that I'm not contributing to some shmuck, who actively squeezes his lower employees salary numbers (had a friend who was getting paid chump change), but turns around and begs for money on a pledge drive interrupting an infomercial masquerading as some kind of educational program on a week night.


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Then please enlighten me and propose a solution that is a good solution to ousting their overpaid CEO.

I don't mean overpaid in that "NON-PROFIT EMPLOYEES SHOULDN'T BE PAID SO MUCH MONEY", but that he's getting paid "National PBS" money, when his station is a glorified regional PBS, with a history of shitty dealings with their journalism employees, directly attributed to the CEO.

And he got this gig not because of any knowledge of tv/radio, unless you think running Weston, an environmental testing/cleanup firm, directly relates to broadcast news.


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After the guy identified himself, i told him "Stay warm, have a nice day" and I closed my door. He needs to learn to take that as the end of the transaction.

Instead, he was trying to talk through the door about if i wanted a flyer or some shit. That's on him.


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Until Marrazoo gets shitcanned, not a single one of my dimes will go to their constant pledge drives and membership rallies.

And not because he gets paid 740k for being the CEO of a not-for-profit. Its because he's getting paid so much for shit work. You compare his salary to WTTW(Chicago) 685k, WGBH(Boston)720k, it looks normal, but WHYY make little to no syndicated work that gets broadcast out that isn't local.

Except for Fresh Air and A Taste of History, WHYY has zero national presence, yet this guy is getting paid as if his PBS station is a national station like Boston, DC or Chicago(who produces 60% of the cartoons). Fuck that shit.


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>What qualities does she lack generally that would benefit a mayoral candidate?

Not saying she lacks it, I'm saying that she's not shown anything besides being a good manager of a team of auditors. Her position doesn't really address the other parts of being a mayor, including aligning an entirely self-serving city council to do good work. At the very least, if we want to point to the last two universally effective mayors (Nutter and to some extent Rendel), they were able to if not get support, get their shit passed working through the council. As far as we can tell from her press history, the difference between her and Butkovitz is that she's all about shining a light on problems, but that's a good feature for the Controller, that could burn bridges as the mayor.

Certainly, you do want some qualities of a bridge burner as the mayor, but you still need to work with the other elected and appointed positions, and while you CAN constantly embarrass them in the press, you're going to find yourself with no support next time you want to fix that police contract.

>Compared with the current administration (and, for funsies, a hypothetical Republican challenger a la Billy Ciancaglini), where are her shortcomings?

Didn't say she had shortcomings, I'm saying we don't actually know what she's capable of, but her fanboys/girls seem to already anoint her the best possible candidate.

A good comp on how i see this are famous food critics. We love a good food critic, telling us where the best restaurants are, and why this dish is really well made, or not well made. We love food critics for their writing, but what happens if a food critic becomes a restaurant owner? Certainly that food critic knows good food, but does that critic know how to hire and keep a staff, procure good produce on a regular basis within budget, plan and setup a good facility? And yes, there have been instances in which food critics are actually found to be good restauranteurs, but plenty of them also fuck it up when their job was more than eating and writing about food.


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Tired of the Rhynhart fanboys/girls acting like she's the solution to the mayor problem, with little evidence to support it. Certainly she does a good job pointing out the problems at her position (Butkovitz didn't do shit), but that means she's good at being an audit manager, doesn't necessarily mean she has all the tools for the other components of the mayor office.


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No, he isn't terribly unique, even in Philly, except for the council seat.

but there are plenty out there that like to bootlick rich people, and think that makes for a good person for a political office, despite evidence that being a successful business person may not be applicable to political office, since they can be miles apart different.