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(How can a imperialist octopus man with a broken translation soud so smooth 0_0... )

The problem is, it's less of not wanting to adapt that a really normal fear from him. You see, human men have a very instinctual fear of their mother in law. So, him, not wanting his girlfriend to bring her home is less "I refuse to house yet another octopi! " and more "Oh, please, God, no ! Save me from this judgmental torture!!!".

cough weaklings....


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I wouldn't go as far as telling she is using him but there clearly is some selfishness into basically telling him he'll have to live seeing her state deteriorate and one die and then continue his life as if everything was okay. But on the other hand, I guess that for a human immortality can be pretty terrifying at first glance. She'd have the same problem toward her entire family after all ! It seems like some kind of double edge situation.