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That's because this is jsut the start of making this object worth millions. It may be only 60k now, but it is already being worked on to make it more. That's what this buzz cycle is all about. Giving the "piece" history, and that brings up the value, etc.

When I look at articles like this where X item was auctioned at X outrageous amount of money, I don't think, "Oh wow, that could have been me had I kept an Iphone." Instead I think, "Oh, there are some people who have connections and are playing some kind of game that I would never have been able to be a part of."


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How can it simply be a mirror test when a large part of it presents information the average individual does not have?

Just to be clear, I think I see where you are going with that statement, but I disagree that it is nuanced enough to make much sense.

Yeah, people are hopeless, it seems, at understanding what they are working with with ChatGPT.


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...why would you not want to follow arguably the most important technological development of our time? Get used to it honey, and stop crying. It's only going to get worse. You don't get to pick and choose what it relevant, ok?

I just wish people could grow a brain about what the technology is, and stop pretending it is sentient and shit. That's all I desire. But it's never gonna happen.


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These kinds of sales are never about the object that is being sold. In otherwords, it's not that anyone thinks a iphone is worth that much. It's just a money laundering scheme, or a scam or fraud, where an iphone happens the be the surrogate item.

Infact, this article is part of the plan, as well as its being posted to reddit. 100% certain.