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> Covid is NOT over

Covid will never be over. In the same way that the flu was never over.

As much as long covid is still fucking up people's lives, unless you want people masked up and socially distanced for the rest of human civilisation's time on this earth you do need to have a return to some version of normalcy on some level at some point.

This isn't a problem with some simple solution that people are too weak-willed to stick to. In a thousand years, people will still be getting some version of COVID-19. The only thing we can do is invest in ventillation in buildings and better attitude towards sickness and screening so that its harder for disease outbreaks to spread. Expecting people a decade from now to still avoid social gatherings is unrealistic.

That does mean people are gonna have their lives ruined by stuff like LC-induced CFS, pneumonia, neurological and heart issues, or even die as a result of the infection itself (not to mention the heartbreaking situation for immuno-suppressed people). To some degree that already happens with the flu. But short of shutting down civilisation permanently and returns to nomadic hunter-gathers, it's not a problem that can just be avoided if we went back in lockdown for another year.

Understanding that strict covid-protocols can't last forever does not have to mean indifference to the problem.


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Alpha males do not apply to natural wolf hierarchies, let alone domesticated dogs. If you're out there trying to 'dominate' your pet at every time, expect weird behaviour from your confused, unhappy animal that expects to be intimidated every time it tries to engage in social play behaviour. The fuck. These are animals selectively bred for thousands of years to interact well with human owners anyway.


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After watching all seasons of The Americans I set my subtitles to 'visible from space' size and it's wonderful. Does it look stupid? Yes. Is it effortlessly easy to read the subtitles now? Also yes. I can read normal sized ones just fine, but there's absolutely a processing cost to that still. Switching to small discreet ones is like switching to a book written in a fancy font. You can read it just fine, but it's not as smooth and effortless to do so.


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They'd need to buy the rights for S1 too, sounds like it was a write-off though. So unless someone manages to sneak S2 into a torrent, it'll never be seen. sigh I really love 2023 TV/film culture where completed good content just gets yeeted into the void by executives who are just beginning to realise people don't want to subscribe to 23 streaming services at once.


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If you aren't 'a reader' then starting with dense allegorical 1800s Russian literature is setting yourself up for failure. Read fun stuff and start to push your boundries from there. Your tactic is like if you'd never seen a film since childhood so you decide to start with 1960s new wave french arthouse films. A bold choice, but very likely to just bore and confuse you.


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> He is petty and has a massive ego and it hurts when enemies stomp him.

I think being upset about being stomped is pretty universal across everyone. Most of the examples you've listed are more a sort of dramatic irony than the character actually turning to camera and shouting "You see what I just did?"


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Tonally there's no reason it couldn't, it'd fit Tony Stark's mood well. But I'm surprised they'd throw in the song considering the original version (featured in your link) has the singer calling someone a f----t. Actually they still often play that version on UK radios and it still throws me. We might not really use that an insult here, but it's not like the singers are using it in another context either.


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Wasn't he responsible for memory-holing several highly rated multi-season animated shows though? Like Infinity Train or Final Space might not be things you've watched, but they ran for multiple seasons and had very high ratings. I suppose that's different than cancelling them, but it's also much worse. Now the only practical way to view them is yar-har-yiddle-de-dee.


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Not watched the show, but I feel like Netflix throwing the 'cyberpunk' tag up front and centre before the show even came out really does limit the number of mindblowing twists quite significantly. I don't want it spoiling, but if it turns out they're all in a computer simulation I don't think I'll be terribly surprised.