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Sorry, you kept making that mistake repeatedly, and it was starting to bother me. Your = possessive. You're = you are.

Again, you're the one picking on a kid that has done more to help climate activism than you or I ever will. I'm just calling you out for acting like a dickhead. How many Nobel Peace Awards have you been nominated for? She absolutely is acclaimed, and frankly I find it disturbing that you inexplicably despise her so much.


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LMAO that's pretty hypocritical considering your original comment picking on an acclaimed teenage environmental activist. Textbook projection



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Take careful notice of how "delusions of grandeur" is one of the very first things mentioned in the article. Then, take careful notice of how "delusional grandiose" (what you originally said above) is not mentioned.


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If they actually believed their sovereignty was in peril, they would have launched the nukes. Keep in mind, what they say is very different than what they actually believe/feel. It's all posturing. They wouldn't launch nukes unless troops are actually marching towards major Russian cities (not in annexed territory).

Putin loves power, and he won't have anyone to oppress if everyone is dead. Nukes won't fly unless as an absolute last resort to keep his country from being overrun.