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Who buys Domino’s pizza? I’m really curious. Every time I tried their pizza it’s the worst pizza I’ve ever had, like cardboard with ketchup on it. I would rather drive a little further for little Caesar’s and get slightly better pizza for like $6. I can’t understand how dominoes stays open. Will someone please explain this to me?


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No when I’m up for an upgrade, I get the cheapest new iPhone for free. This year I got the se 3, and I only had to pay fee/tax, and I bought a case and screen protector. So it cost me less than $150 total. I have an unlimited data plan for me and my wife so it costs $108 a month which is $54 per person


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I don’t think I’ve ever kept a phone more than 2 years. When I’m up for an upgrade, I just go to the store and get the cheapest new iPhone for free. All I have to pay is tax/fee and I get a case and screen protector. Last time I was out of pocket less than $150 for a brand new iphone


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My iPhone has an app for everything. There’s multiple apps for everything. I do calls, texts, internet, gps, Bluetooth, banking, email, delivery, work, pictures, videos, voice recording, flawlessly on my iPhone with the best security. And the phone is supported for 7 years at least