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I know that some like Character.AI get trained a bit through conversation now. The AIs I’ve made seem to learn some behaviours after a long conversation that get pulled in to new chats. Like if I tell it to speak in a certain way and keep reinforcing that in one chat then when I start a new one it’ll keep it up despite having no memory of being explicitly told to act that way.


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That’s not how it works at all. Stable diffusion is trained on over two hundred terabytes of data yet it’s download takes up 4gb on my computer. How? Because it’s not just pulling images from some database and playing mix and match with their pieces.

Although comparison to human learning is not the best in this case it’s called “training” for a reason. The imagery it views is used to teach the AI to create its own imagery. If it bears a resemblance to someone else’s art style it isn’t because it’s ripping images from their deviantart page. It’s because a great deal of how it learned about imagery came from that person. It’s very loosely similar to how if during the process of learning to draw I browsed other peoples works to learn how images of certain things are assembled and used that to gain skill and knowledge but when I make my own art I don’t directly use those images in the creation process. If I learn a lot from a specific person my style may grow similar to theirs. Now I must stress that humans and machines are very different but it’s closer to that than it is to having the AI access some database of stolen images

And no. There’s no compression good enough to compress 250 terabytes into 4gb without making the data supremely useless. And it doesn’t connect to the internet. It works offline


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OpenAI sells AI services to other companies. But they don’t really seem to have a plan to use AI to dominate every sector by themselves. Worst case scenario google uses some of that big money to pay someone else to lend them a good AI


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A lot of the people that have issues with AI art right now are small individual creators on the internet who do some commissions. In comparison like you said the music industry consists of large multi-million and multi-billion dollar corporations. A large coalition of the artists still might not be able to do much damage. Billion dollar companies with expensive lawyers can


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Sure it has big problems but the fact that it works means that we did something right and we’re on the right track. Now we can learn more about why it works, isolate the helpful parts, and then learn about and try to avoid the stuff that causes the side effects


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That’s why if it were up to me I’d redefine some things. The words “Artificial Intelligence” would be reserved for a true intelligence that meets your criteria. What we currently call “AI” would be called something else. Hopefully something that isn’t unpronounceable and can still be made into a nice acronym.


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I imagine it’ll have to be revised eventually. There will probably be weapons in space at some point and if things progress far enough eventually nations will want to start claiming land for themselves. Might ad well nip it in the bud instead of pretending that we live in a peaceful Utopia of cooperation


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I specifically mentioned civilization. Yes if it’s just big lizards you won’t find a ton of pollutants but if they’re intelligent they’ll likely have made use of fossil fuels for at least a little while until they achieved the technological advancement needed to invent and mass manufacture clean energy tech.

Effective solar panels are a whole lot more complicated to develop and manufacture than simply setting coal on fire


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Fossil fuels or something similar are likely going to be involved the development of any serious civilization at some point. It took a long time for renewables and nuclear to come along. And those advances in technology were only made because of a civilization powered by fossil fuels.