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No, not in the US at least where building materials are cheap AF.

Problem is entities buying up housing and enjoying a captured market to continue raising prices.

If there were laws preventing monopolization/oligopolization of housing, it would be quite affordable. Something like adding an additional tax each time you acquire another house, I think Ireland does similar?


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Thanks for the clarification. Point remains, buncha good ol boys think Fogerty would have fought in the civil war, lose their kinda when I informed them he was born and raised in California and had never even visited Louisiana before a lot of their hits lol


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Also interesting is that John Fogerty of CCR was born and raised in southern California.... Most people would fairly assume they were from Louisiana considering the content and sound of their music


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You can build a shitload of nuclear plants to baseload off of or you can invest in energy storage technology and projects which are much better long term solutions.

Do agree nuclear is a good technology but really don't trust humanity to run and store the use fuel responsibily for a thousand years from what I've seen happen in the past 100


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God damn this administration is so starkly better for the country than the right wing it's mind blowing

Edit: several folks have commented along the lines of "the right also contributes to or controls congress right now(not true)". Being a leader is not just steam rolling the opposition, it's about influencing people with different or even conflicting incentives to act in a way that may not benefit them, or even hurt them, in order to achieve a better outcome for the masses


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Thanks for responding and you speak the truth. I definitely agree about scarcity, or perceived scarcity, being a huge driver for conflict. So many people rely on that fear to acquire and hang onto power by pitting different groups against eachother.

A deep rooted fear I have is that our brains are simply not equipped to deal with a world of abundance and conflict will propagate regardless


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I'm interested in reading your book but one thing I notice is that it's not that people believe we do not have the capability for a brighter future, from a technical standpoint, I think it's doubt in our ability to align and solve them from a social/cultural standpoint.


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I jumped ship for an unbelievable step up in pay, went from 120 to 160 plus a massive bonus and RSU pushing me over 200k, and impressive position title.

I regret it every single day. I was perfectly happy and content making 120 and the new company is an absolute nightmare in terms of it's toxic culture, inept leadership, and combative environment fighting with others

To make matters worse the company is generally regarded as the clown car that it is in the greater industry so I've been having a hell of a time finding a new job.

Liking work you work is the single most important factor once you go beyond 100k IMO


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No. There are plenty of wells pulling water from public lands. What are you even trying to force dude?

We aren't properly rationing water, which requires better regulation. Simple as that. We're not to mad max water control just yet


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Some states have water rights, but they are set up incredibly short sighted and unrealistic.

In places like Texas though, where I live, it's a free for all and you can use as much as you want so the incentive becomes use as much if the water before your neighbor does