A_Bowler_Hat t1_jcb5nhk wrote

Looking at the sky I'm guessing you got here earlier but the setting sun cast horrible shadows so you had to wait until sunset even if that was your plan.

Its crazy how bad it looks before the sun sets.


A_Bowler_Hat t1_jbo75at wrote

Really 14mm? Nice. I just checked my photos and realized I mainly was looking at the film sots which were 24mm, because its a film camera. My other one was 16mm and was quite close though I didn't get to this nice of a spot.


A_Bowler_Hat t1_jbk0wj0 wrote

I did the same. Forced my wife to get up early and we ran the trail to get about 15min of pics before it was ruined by the sun. Not a cloud in sight. Pics were worth it because we went back with the rest of the family the the harsh shadows killed it.