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Genetic modification: The production of heritable improvements in plants or animals for specific uses, via either genetic engineering or other more traditional methods. Some countries other than the United States use this term to refer specifically to genetic engineering.

Seems like that's where the difference comes from.


These all are considered genetic modification in the US.


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But you can't explain the evidence. So until it's explained allow due process. All you've been saying is "there's evidence!" Yet you cannot explain that evidence. So wait until the evidence is explained before trash talking a random individual.

No I'm defending a person's right to innocent until proven guilty. You know, one of the core reasons our society is founded on. Just because you feel someone is guilty based on evidence gathered second hand through word of mouth and conspiracy theories. Doesn't mean that he is, until he's tried in court.

Is he likely the killer? Maybe. But until all the informations out all you're doing is saying conspiracy theorys .


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>Someone was arrested for a heinous murder with much evidence pointing to him

The point is that that evidence hasn't been disclosed.

What do you know? He drives an white Elantra ? And DNA evidence exists?

Do you know the specifics of the DNA evidence?

You're not the judge, leave it to the judicial system. Even the most sinister of criminals deserves due process.

Wait until the official press conference and verdict before jumping to conclusions. You don't know all the details of the case.


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Im not defending him I'm saying wait until trail tf lmao.

Everyone's out here acting like internet sleuths and that shit can be detrimental to a person's image. They've already done it once with this case, with the "hooded guy".

Let the judicial system handle the case before being bickering nancies. Then you can talk shit.


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Everyone hates on hazleton. It's bad, but it's not that bad lmao.

Macaddoo is... Well macaddoo.

It's just houses, it's a coal town residence if you catch my drift.

Your best bet is to look on Google maps and drive through the streets.

Remember, winters suck here. We are on top of a mountain, so if you don't have a car for it you need to be close to where you work.

There's not a lot of indoor entertainment around here outside of bars. But we got some great trails, hunting land and slopes if you like outdoor stuff.

Best of luck


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It's because you can't find it. Nah I'm calling out someone exploiting people to promote their brand and new album.

Meek Mills does charity which is respectable. Doing it in a blatant way to promote an album isn't. It's a tacky PR stunt along the lines of tiktokers who do this shit for clout.


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No shit. See? It's exactly why I pointed out he did it for his own promotion. Your response is the exact reason why he only chose women instead of inmates in general despite the fact that he said he related to the experience. Because if someone pointed it out the exact conversation we are having is the only outcome.

He's inciting the publics general feelings of protection that intantilizes women, based on internalized misogynistic practices to promote his album in a way that can't be critiqued.


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No shit. Which is why I didn't want to say it because it's a predictable response. That's why I originally refused the most copy pasted. Yet here you are attempting to find a flaw as well and calling me a hypocrite for it.

If I didn't respond, you'd respond with what this guy said " can't even list one thing".

If I did you'd respond how you did. What a joke critical thinking isn't your strong suit.


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Ive volunteered for food bank collection charities for 4 years, rescued stray kittens thrown outside of cars(mind you one time event) , regularly in donate blood (only stopped because of medication). Oh, and though not human, I've been looking into volunteering with Last Chance animal rescue but my schedule is inconsistent, so I've been hesitant since I can only go occasionally maybe once a month.

But you've prove you point. Good job.