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You “despise people being taken advantage of” yet you’re defending a large government entity instead of a common person. Which one of those do you think is more likely to take advantage of the other? The large government entity or the common person? I understand that many people may play games with the system; however, in this case the dude seems like he has his head on straight and we all know that the RMV can be an absolute poop show.


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Park at the Boston Common Garage and either take the train or walk. It’s typically a breeze getting in there and it’s only $16 evenings/weekends. But it’s Boston so there’s always a chance you could be sitting in bumper-to-bumper. In that case the safest way is to pretty much hit up the closest train station to where you live and hop colors. The reason why I park under the Common is because I don’t like the trains and I have no idea how late I’ll be in the city. I’ve come very close to missing the last of the trains and having to Uber all the way back to Alewife.


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Why are you not able to imagine Occam’s Razor here? Young dude stays with friends in Boston for a month and random Karen calls in the out-of-state car that’s been in her neighborhood for 30 days. Not that difficult to imagine. And whether you like it or not, requesting the dude after-the-fact to register his car in Massachusetts even though he’s a permanent Virginia resident is beyond silly.


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Nah it was a thread having to do with an Asian family moving to a town in MA and they were asking how they would be received. A legit question that the mod perceived as completely racist. Like, they said that even mentioning racial differences in any shape or form is racist and should not be tolerated. The only person in the thread who didn’t get banned was someone who made a comment shitting on everyone else in the thread for being racist. The mod banned us all, copied and pasted the same reasoning.

A couple days later I get a message from another mod apologizing for this “over-zealous” mod. I responded that I simply wanted my ban to be rescinded. But I guess I’m not allowed to message the mods for like 28 days following the ban. I’m annoyed because I spend the most time on the MA sub.