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For people who never got chickenpox and got the chickenpox vaccine?

The idea of shingles is reactivation of the chickenpox virus that's lying dormant in your body for decades. If you never had chickenpox as a kid, then you can't get shingles.

Hence, if you never had chickenpox and got the chickenpox vaccine, you don't need the shingles vaccine. If you are unsure, then you get the shingles vaccine just in case.


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Vaccines are used to train your immune system against a specific target. That's all a vaccine is.

The Rabies vaccine is actually given to you after you are infected. Same with the Shingles vaccine.

So a vaccine being preventative or not has nothing to due with the actual definition.


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Except this isn't depression or simple anxiety.

This is bipolar disorder which is a hella lot more complicated. This isn't something that be resolved with increased social interactions or exercise.

If you were to tell me that Elon Musk suffers from anxiety, then yeah I would agree with you.

But bipolar disorder is a whole another level. And we don't even know which subtype of bipolar disorder he has. For all we know, he could have the subtype where he hears voices (50%) or sees things (30%). Getting a pet isn't gonna help you with that LOL.


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Fair enough I get what you are saying now and I agree with you in that. Although I would prefer this to what it was in the past since this is a bit more accurate.

The "whole race for the cure" suggests that there is one magic bullet for cancer. But there isn't, because cancer is a very broad term and there are 1000s of different cancers. It's like saying one antibiotic for all bacterial infections ever.


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Spoken like someone not in the medical field.

There are already vaccines for cervical cancer.

And oh, that cervical cancer vaccine is widely available and in fact the US actually passed a law stating insurance has to pay 100% of the vaccine to all eligible patients. If you don't have insurance, the US government will pay for it anyways.

India recently launched their version of the cervical cancer vaccine that they were able to make significantly cheaper per person ($2-5).

There is also a vaccine for melanoma as well. Although it's less common these days because we have better and newer treatment options for melanoma (immunotherapy).


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While this article is definitely click bait, the idea that cancer treatment has not changed is absurdly wrong.

Look up the difference in survival rates of melanoma or childhood leukemia now compared to a few decades ago.



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Just because something cures cancer in a petri dish doesn't mean it cures cancer in an actual human being.

Bleach kills cancer cells but we aren't drinking bleach are we?

And with 1000s of different drug companies worldwide all trying to get the edge on each other, they aren't trying to hide some secret miracle cure.

They would want to release it ASAP so that there is no competition to their products; holding on to it just allows other competitors to work on their R&D in the meantime and possibly make something better or cheaper.