A_goat_named_Ted t1_irayf8k wrote

Ive been having a difficult time this summer due to work conditions and personal life. Working out was the first thing that fell off when stress and anxiety took over, then unhealthy eating. After a couple of weeks I had no energy or motivation but to repeat the work-home cycle, which then leads to depression. After a couple of weeks of being my own enemy I got a workout in and felt so much better the next day, and for a day or two after that too. Now Im back on the upswing of taking care of myself again and getting at least 2 workouts per week, its incredible the difference that it makes. Im sleeping better, I feel accomplished, I have more energy, I dont hate looking in the mirror. Cant recommend workout highly enough to state the difference theyll make in your life. Dont have money for a membership or equipment? Look up body weight workouts on youtube, dont worry about nailing it, just.dont.quit.