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"you are a Hacker Cave man who built a supercomputer time machine out of stones. You have just used your stone time machine in order to reach the present day 2023.

What are your first thoughts of the new world?

>Wow! World big, tall things, many people, many magic boxes! Me confused but amazed!


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Honestly, games have been held back by graphics for a long time, but memory has become much more efficient.

It's likely that we won't need graphics cards stronger than the 4000 series for a very long time as memory and ram are now scaling with graphics performance along with A.I.

GPUs are likely to start getting smaller instead of more powerful.


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>study does not define the threshold between visible and invisible "fear factors"

Indeed it does and even mentions the point of sublimity and consciousness. You either see it, or you don't. It's self explanatory. Visible or invisible.

>nor does it attempt at all to determine at what point those features are indeed visible.

Whenever you consciously notice the features change....again... It's a literal word and self explanatory.


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I know what Quantum dot displays are.

I'm saying they're completely irrelevant to this conversation and your entire argument based on irrelevant information.

You want to talk about quantum physics while we're here too?

Nothing you have said has anything to do with AMOLED or mini-LED BEING USED IN TABLETS.


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>QLED’s are Quantum dot displays.

You can't even keep up with your own comments, I don't expect you to keep up with what I'm telling you.

No one is talking about QD other than you. I don't even know why you brought it into the conversation unless you just want to make an example of more technology Apple won't have.


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PPI is literally the quality of the display.

Apple displays are not True definition and use software upscaling to make it look good on screen.

This is why iPhone photos look great on other iPhones but look kind of shitty when posted online or viewed on a computer. (Comparatively to other cameras)

This is also why images received from Android users look like shit on iPhone screens, and the iPhone users simply think Android phones send bad photos ironically. Lol


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It's the Galaxy S8..... Not the A8...

I Just deleted a little bit of code at the end of the link which I think rerouted the link, it should show the correct tablet now.

Newest ipad= $1,200 for old ass Mini-LED.

SM Tablet from last year= $599 for an even bigger, better AMOLED display, expandable memory, and more powerful.


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>All mini LED displays are backlit, that’s how it works.

That's not how OLED or AMOLED screens work... You know? The things that are currently being discussed in this conversation.

Apple has shitty old Mini-LED tech for $1,200..cool??

Why not get a brand new, top of the line AMOLED tablet with larger screen and more power for only $800?


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>LED TV’s are not “self lit” as you so claim

That's what I said...

Im well aware that Apple still uses LED in their tablets. That's what this entire post is about.

OLED and AMOLED are self lit, as I have been saying.

I understand that some TVs have a backlight assist for watching in direct sunlight, But completely transparent screens are only possible because of OLEDs.


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>Micro LED is not OLED

AMOLED IS NOT MICRO LED... What is your point and why bring up future tech completely unrelated?

>Micro LED does not exist in the consumer space at this time.

They exist in the Business space.

mLED is very new, and completely unrelated to this discussion. Apple and probably won't have mLED for the next 20 years that their current rate of adoption. Lol


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"MINI LED^^backlite** DISPLAY! "

They use clever marketing to trick you. The LEDs that light up the LCD screen are mini... The LCD screen itself is not a mini LED screen..

The iPad Pro 12.9 uses bullshit words like " liquid retina XDR display" which is just fancy for saying, "Liquid Crystal half-assed Hdr Display. (LCD/LCxD)

Ipads and iphones still stuffer from Burn in like old ass TV's.

This is another reason Apple is changing their screens finally.


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You are still wrong my Dude.

OLED TV's exist, they are just Super expensive, And why we aren't talking about TVs. Most people don't have an OLED TV.

OLED literally stands for "Organic Light Emitting Diodes."

That's how OLED TVs like this exist.

Where is the Back light at? lol

OLED TV's are literally just self lit screens with a silicone matrix board behind them encased in plastic.