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Residential and transportation represents 53% of energy consumption. Add in commercial use and the total is 65%. Industry is not dominating the numbers.

All of these uses could be dramatically decreased simply by drilling less, digging less, and increasing the costs of fossil fuels via taxes. It’s the simple answer that nobody wants to hear. Everyone wants to just blame an evil corporation instead of making moderate sacrifices.


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384 going up to 784. Pandemic certainly was the cause of the drop during Trump. The key point is that Biden is enthusiastic about drilling, with equal fervor as any Republican President.

His poll numbers will melt if he came out and said he wanted to double gas prices to fight climate change.



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I got to witness a small glacier dam burst in the Wind River range of Wyoming. The amount of power released by even a small lake is unfathomable. It sounded like a 12-lane highway even from a mile away. Can’t imagine the destruction of a big glacier lake.


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China is the largest capitalist society. The economic model bears little semblance to communism except for complicated property ownership schemes.

If I had $10B and wanted to build a mega factory, it will get built faster in China compared to anywhere else in the world.


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Yes, if we can dramatically cut greenhouse gas emissions, we will have less greenhouse gas emissions. They also state that it isn’t a likely scenario as countries over promised and are under delivering, especially for the Big-3: USA, China, and India. You don’t read many science papers, do you?

There is no popular support for drastic cuts of fossil fuels in those countries. Witness the number of drilling rigs doubling under Biden and threats to punish Saudi Arabia for their slowdown of production. See India allying with Russia to save a little bit on crude oil. Observe China and their rapid growth and huge number of new power plants to supply the enormous middle class.

The pledges aren’t worth the paper they are written on.


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CO2 emissions from energy production has grown 7x in the last 70 years at a near linear pace with only a minor deviation due to Covid. We will have far more emissions as the 80% of the population living in developing regions gain the wealth of the developed nations. I call BS on your citations.

Few countries are willing to sacrifice growth to promote a better earth. Witness how Americans were united in Saudi Arabia cutting oil production by 2% of global supply. Even the most fervent anti-climate change activists on Reddit were upset and felt now was not a good time to reduce emissions. It is never a good time and selfishness trumps altruism.

The promises made by politicians are empty lies.