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I should have used paragraphs.

The first part about lying to the media was my opinion on his statements. I do think that people deserve to be upset that he lied when asked about his status.

The second part of my comment was addressing the person who I was replying to. I was telling them that I feel like the league and team deserve shit for him breaking protocols, because they knowingly allowed it to happen. His status was no secret and they allowed it to pass when they should have punished him like they claimed would happen.


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He deserves major shit for lying to the media. But he was completely honest with the team, management and the NFL. If you’re mad at anyone about him breaking protocol (rightfully so) it should be the NFL and the packers organization who allowed him to do so knowing he was unvaxed. Which to be fair, anyone with a brain knew “immunized” didn’t mean vaxxed. Lol


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It is insane to me. It is one of the craziest things that I have noticed in my life. 2019, most of the left and right was in on the fact that big pharm was taking advantage of us and knowingly getting a massive amount of the country addicted to opioids. Posts and comments about the leeching nature of big pharm were widely popular and upvoted. Covid hit and it’s a literal 180 from the year before. It’s truly amazing. Big pharm could not have asked for a better scenario.