Aaron_Hamm t1_j206riz wrote

>The initial commenter was obviosly hinting at communal ownership/worker collective type of ownership when he said "people at large"

And my point is how are the "people at large" ownership type companies functionally different from publicly traded companies?

Like, I don't know what to tell you; you're the one delving into irrelevant "gotchas"...

>It is cool indeed but I didn't say that.

I never said you did; I drew a logical inference from the assertion in your challenge.


Aaron_Hamm t1_j1zy1l6 wrote

By your logic there has never been a company owned by "people at large" in all of history... cool bro. Have fun with that no true scotsman type silliness.

Most people in Europe, America, and probably other places in the world, are shareholders; what currently existing "collective ownership" modeled countries do a better job of involving the general public in business ownership?