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Anecdotally, the past 2 weeks my fiancee and I have had covid. She had 3 doses of the original vax, while I had 3 doses of original plus a bivalent booster. Her symptoms were much worse, chills, coughing fits, fever, and sneezing compared with mine, where I had an occasional cough, some sneezing and some tiredness, causing me to only miss an hour of work compared to the day off that she had to take(we both work from home). We've both recuperated, but she has a lingering cough.


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They don't, but regional air pollution will definitely cause regional effects as well. I'm well aware of Ozone alerts and poor air quality days here in the US, usually caused by diesel particulates and stagnant air(high pressure domes). I know European countries tend to have a lot more diesel cars instead of gasoline powered cars, due to taxes and fuel costs. Diesel produces much more NOx emissions that have worse greenhouse effects than gasoline powered cars. That's all I'm trying to say, so imagine all those diesel emissions in the cramped urban confines of a European city and there's the potential for stronger heat waves and worse air quality, especially with stagnant air.


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I often wonder if European reliance on diesel fuel has amplified heating there, compared to the US where diesel cars are a rarity, owing to higher diesel fuel costs and lower emissions standards on gas powered cars vs diesel.


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I mean if the disorder no longer impacts their life, but is still physically there, maybe that's what they're calling remission? And if the compensatory behaviors aren't negatively impacting their live, are they bad?