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Just have a look into how Cooper Union. It used to be tuition free because of a massive endowment.

So what happened. Rich scumbags raided it to build a bunch of real estate projects for their own personal gain.


Cooper Union is no longer tuition free. Sure they're trying to get it back, but good luck.

This is the same old story. Some shitbag who is already filthy rich just can't stand the fact that it's something they can't leverage to make more money for themselves.

Some things are services, not businesses.


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Ahhh. Beautiful. Thanks for posting.

It reminded me of the first time I was on the west coast and experienced a sunset on the water.

It was beautiful in a different way. Maybe it's the coolness of the air at dawn here vs the warmth of the afternoon out west.

Anyway, if you've never been to a west coast beach, it's one of those little things that makes life worth living.


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Why? Because I never said they don't have an expiration date and you completely ignored the point

People worked in the same masks and other PPE for weeks because they couldn't get replacements. "Starting to expire" is nonsense. Everything that has an expiration date is starting to expire, but why would you get rid of it before it is?


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Hurrrrr durrrr, go make da profit.

Yeah I guess you forget the utter chaos that ensued when the city was caught flat footed and couldn't get supplies at the start of the pandemic.

It's fucking hilarious seeing all the penny punching bean counters come out of the woodwork, as if the cost of storing this stuff is an unaffordable burden compared to the mess we just went through because we didn't have it.

People never learn. Lol.


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Of course they did. I can imagine some bean counter who is mad that he couldn't get his shitty product dumped on the market.

Olive oil, and honey are two examples of products that are imported and often adulterated with low quality fillers.

Basically fuck you America, you get whatever bullshit we decide to send you and no one can stop it


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You can't be lawfully operating a vehicle and not know you hit someone. That means, eyes on the road, both hands on the wheel, and aware of your surroundings.

There is absolutely no excuse for this. Period.

Please think before you accuse someone else of posting nonsense.