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The frustrating thing is that the casings on the pyramids survived for thousands of years, until the relatively recent middle ages, when the ruler of Cairo, Salahadeen's son, ordered that the pyramids be torn down. He wasn't successful, obviously, but we no longer get to experience the pyramids as they were created


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Almost all of these structures were used as a source of building materials. The most obvious is the marble cladding from the exterior, and bronze ceiling from the portico of the Pantheon. The marble cladding was stripped by lime burners in the middle ages, and the bronze ceiling from the portico was stripped and melted down by Pope Urban VIII in the 1600s. The main temple of the Parthenon complex was largely intact until 1687, when the gunpowder magazine stored there by the Ottomans was hit by cannon fire from the Venetian Navy and exploded.


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I never applied, but I had Amazon recruiters hitting me up from my LinkedIn profile, sometimes three recruiters for the same position within a few weeks. I told them I wouldn't work for Amazon, since it was evil, they agreed, but then all called me again a month later with no memory of the previous contact.


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Yes, they buy parts from Bosch and Continental, just like every other manufacturer, but part of how Tesla has been able to maintain cost control is through vertical integration. Most of the parts for Fremont built cars are made within a few miles of the Fremont plant, and have been since it was making Tacomas and Vibes as NUMMI.