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Philly only has a less than ~5% vacancy rate on apartments. That's so low that the small amount of incoming supply isn't enough to have any meaningful impact on decreasing rates.

The answer to that is that we need to build even more of everything to account for all the demand. The clowns saying we shouldn't build new housing are the same people who bitch about how expensive rent is. They're too dumb to connect the lack for supply with the incoming population, and the subsequent increase in rent.


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Be careful out there trying to sell high value stuff like this on these market places.

The didn't feel like reading the short article summary:

>Police say they are seeing an increase of thefts of ATVs, dirt bikes and motorcycles from homes across Southeastern Pennsylvania, specifically targeting vehicles listed for sale on social media sites like Facebook Marketplace.

>there are crews coming out of New Jersey, Delaware, New York State and Philadelphia to steal the vehicles.

>They say thieves often ask sellers for videos of the vehicles running.

>"Some of these videos will have metadata that can show location information, some of the Facebook profiles that the victims are using aren’t locked down so they list where they are living, or in the background of the video they will actually get identifying information," says Detective Louis Bell.

>Detective Bell says the thieves often use vans or U-hauls with stolen or fake license plates. They believe the groups are re-selling some vehicles overseas, but mostly domestically, or they just use them for fun.

>"Many of these vehicles are ending up in Philly in these marauding packs of dirt bikes and ATVs that are just running down rampant throughout," he says. "These are criminals, who know how far they go. We know for a fact some of these crews are armed."


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Buying a house in that neighborhood and hoping to rent it for a profit is as much market speculation as investing in NFTs and about as smart. The way to do land speculation in these shit areas is buy a tear down, clear the land, and pay almost nothing in taxes on it for the next 20 years, which is what usually happens.


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It makes no sense in North Philly by any metric. There's no location there that's as accessible to the entire region as Market East, that has every rail line as a one seat ride, that has the highway access, the parking garages, or that has the existing entertainment service infrastructure to support it.

The only locations that make sense are Market East, the Stadium Complex, or Camden. The Sixers want a downtown transit oriented building, the bankrupt mall owners want to downsize the property, and the city wants Market East to develop more; which is why building on top of Market East Station makes perfect sense.


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I've lived here longer than you've likely been alive, and 100% longer than when you moved here from the suburbs on your parents dime.

But do please keep beclowning yourself by saying North Philly is as transit accessible as the litteral hub of every major line in the city, then claiming you know what all Philadelphians actually want.


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Chinatown has been slowly bulldozing itself to make more parking lots for years, it beyond ironic to complain about congestion in center city to "protect" a neighborhood that has been making more parking spaces by ripping down old buildings for years.

Then pointing to a building that is replacing a dying mall on Market St next to the convention center, on top of a train station, and say that's the problem with a straight face.


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North Philly doesn't have the same level of tranist access as Market East, not even close. Trying to pretend it does is stupid.

East Market has been languishing for decades, an arena coming in on top of a major tansit hub will absolutely help drive further investment down East Market.

You're trying to pretend that for some unspecified reasons blocking development will also magically drive development and build up Market East, despite that plan not working out for decades.

I get your a nimby and the idea of center city growing upsets you, but you're wrong for all the usual reasons that nimbys are.

The arena replacing a dying mall on Market Street, right next to the convention center and Reading Terminal will be good for the city.


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The second they do that all the same arguments about why Temple can't have a stadium will come right back for a 76ers North Philly location, but with even more claims of gentrification, colonizers, etc.

The center city location on top of a train station and fronting Market St is a logically good choice that will benefit East Market, a North Philly location is just not as good for a variety of reasons and is why they didn't propose it.


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Part of the problem is that the system is old as hell and a huge portion of it needs to be completely replaced, which is super expensive and not easy to do.

The other issue is the large amount of unpaid use that happens from lack of bill collection and stealing. That is getting paid for by everyone else seeing increasing rates.


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Here's where SEPTA's getting that number:

>Nearly 2,800 fare evasion cases were reported on SEPTA last year — an increase of more than 800 from 2021. Busch said the new gates would more accurately track the number of fare evaders on the system.

>“Right now, we have the numbers to go on from police in terms of how many citations they’re issuing. We know that doesn’t fully capture the picture with fare evasion,” Busch added.

The reason it's low is because they have almost zero transit police on the system at any given time. So with that handful of transit cops they caught 2,800, which means you can easily multiply that number by 3 to get close to the real number of fair evasions.


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Naw they'll just get a $5 glass breaker and smash out the door since there will 100% be no SEPTA police anywhere near the train or station.

They should have just bought the gates that NJT has, they work pretty well, and incorporating tap in tap out would solve a lot obvious exploits that already happen with the wheelchair gates.


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The problem with these is that the doors are glass, they'll be busted out within a year.

SEPTA yet again is also contracting with a company with little to no experience and a history of failure to deliver. What SEPTA should be doing is buying NJT gates, they'll be cheaper, and they'll work better.