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Well personally I am surprised that is the reason he was let go, but honestly if you think about it as police chief he is meant to uphold the law. If he has trouble upholding the values of his marriage then perhaps he will be looking for gray areas in other places as well. However, this negates my argument that polyamorous people wouldn’t necessarily be discriminated against bc loads of men are having affairs and not getting fired or evicted for it.


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I interviewed for a job at Fisher a few years back. They did not seem to be in the best stead. Having worked in higher Ed, I always recommend students look for a smaller school with more financial aid bc in the end it’s about what you make of the experience more than the name of the school but I’m not sure that applies to Fisher. Of those three, I would pick Emmanuel but idk their standing. Lesley used to be the hallmark for early education but I don’t think they have been handled well administratively as of late. You could as others mentioned stay in NC for the next four years and focus on MA for your career or Masters. Definitely look for a masters program that offers a lot of money. Or if you have time dig a little deeper for other smaller schools with early childhood in MA that are doing better. Check the size of their endowment. That is a huge indicator of the stability of a school and what they can offer. Don’t make it your sole decision - bc that’s how people decide they have to go to Harvard and not everyone does or can. The UMass system is great. Have you checked out Salem State? They were founded as a teacher’s college though might still have the issue of out of state tuition being unaffordable.


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The thumping bass in my backyard once drove me to leave my house for an entire day because it started before I woke up and no matter what I did - close the windows, shut the doors, turn the tv up - it felt like I was being physically tortured. I had the shakes and could not even hear myself think. Now I live with an oxygen therapy user. I’ll take my chances with the 18 wheelers.


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This right here. I’m waiting for people to leave because for the last 10 years I get to the point where I finally have 20% saved and then house prices go up by just that much more. I had my fingertips touching a house in 2020 and then I lost my job. I’m thankful it happened before the sale but I’m still bitter about it.


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I paid off my school loans very early on for most people. I also had a lot more grants than loans. It’s easy to say students should just not accept the loans but even the most affordable education is out of reach for a lot of people. That should not mean they are just SOL. As long as corporations require a college degree for jobs that were once the domain of high school graduates and with the advent of more self-service and AI, jobs outside of the trades - which certainly does need more folks to join but aren’t for everyone - for anyone without at least a 4 year degree are going to become less and less available.