Accidental_Ouroboros t1_jd8j613 wrote

When I was somewhere around eleven or so, I went to an Ikea on the opening day.

It was the first and only time so far in my entire life that I experienced claustrophobia, and I definitely had a minor panic attack.

Not a fan of seemingly endless, inescapable mazes filled with so many people I can hardly tell which direction I am moving in.

So, my measure is that if it doesn't cause a pit of dread to form in my stomach, it isn't a true Ikea.


Accidental_Ouroboros t1_j6y783a wrote

For anyone wondering, Vík means bay. Which is a really nonspecific place name by itself.

That said, all the other Vík placenames in Iceland have Vík come after (Reykjavík, Húsavík, Grindavík, etc) so when you say Vík... you probably mean Vík í Mýrdal.

Definitely not Vic. Vík is a root for Viking.


Accidental_Ouroboros t1_ixiljeh wrote

This makes the most sense to me, unless he is specifying something like "so small that they can't be seen." Microparasites like helminths and flukes are visible to the naked eye.