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I’d recommend definitely eating before or getting some food to take on the plane. In Breeze “first class” you’ll get free soda/beer and a (large) bag of chips or candy, but there is no sort of substantive food and that is a pretty long flight. Just something to be aware of. Also, there is no wifi or entertainment, so be sure to download movies/tv ahead of time if that’s your thing.


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They were getting bad, but then got absolutely destroyed by the delivery apps and the delivery drivers that come in acting entitled and bullying the workers into making their orders ahead of everyone else, which messes up the times for everyone.


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It’s definitely a crapshoot but I’m my experience more reliable on the weekdays. There are patches of bad phone service, but at least when the train is stopped you can work on your laptop or read or do something on your phone instead of being in traffic. Ultimately it’s probably more reliable then rolling the dice with the traffic from driving.