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It's very advantageous for Sam to sell (oversell?) the achievements of OpenAI. He gets to collaborate and help define the future regulation which binds his industry - making it harder for competitors to enter in the future. And it's a great opportunity to build connections for future government contracts, which AI will certainly be a part of.


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SpaceX and Neuralink are still WIP and super relevant to technological progress. We need to get off this planet eventually and Brain Machine Interfaces will be how everyone communicates with digital systems eventually.

Starlink is functional - IIRC it was just meant to be a money-making project as a subsidiary of SpaceX.

He did not found Tesla but that's irrelevant - he capitalised it from an embryonic stage, led it and spearheaded a huge EV movement. That's a huge accomplishment.

Seems like he's fucking up with Twitter atm but time will tell.