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My point is not everyone who does good deeds is saved. You must accept jesus as your lord and savior and good deeds follow. If good deeds dont follow then you havent committed yourself. Thats why the bible calls them fruits. They are not the tree, or the foundation. Jesus is. Regardless, It's good that you use the bible as a sort of code, i think its fantastic. But your missing out on the depth of what it truly is about.

I disagree, service of a greater good and moving the outlook away from self is exactly what everyone needs. Even if Jesus was some santa figure, it would still be preferable to the humanist view and trying to be good for the sake of doing good things. As the bible also says, if you build your house on sand then when a storm comes it wont last. Your good deeds do nothing when things really hit the fan.


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What you just quoted me is about doing exactly what he says, it doesn't say anything about doing good deeds. Doing exactly as someone says and calling them lord is following them blindly. Which as Christians we are supposed to do. Walk by faith not by sight


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With humans there will always be problems. Greater technology has never made evil go away, no reason to believe it will in the future. Also, christianity isnt about good deeds, at least not my version. Good deeds are a side effect of accepting jesus as your savior and following him. Living longer to commit more good deeds does not increase your chanses of heaven.

Contributing longer wouldnt matter, people are replaced by their children. No incentive to keep people alive. Reproducing populations are much easier to control as well. Think about how the public thinking has changed in just 10 years. This is 90% only with young people. If the founding fathers were still alive do you think there would be gun control, communistic ideas, transgenderism or any of the ideas gaining ground?

If I am a mega rich person, wanting control over the nation, giving me eternal life and everyone else limited lives would be the way to go.


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Pretty sure longevity would be incredibly expensive, causing only the hyper rich to get it. Why do people think this will be given for free? The peasants will die and the rich will live 1000 years laughing at us. It would be the most intense oppression. Im glad people die. Imagine Putin, Stalin, hitler, or any other oppressive person living forever. Oh also I’m a Christian and believe there is an after life.

I think they should push for the research, I love advancement. But if it ever did happen, it definitely wouldn’t be handed out, nor could you buy it at your local drug store. There wouldn’t be a financial incentive to sell it, they have a better chance of gain hoarding it for themselves


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I saw someone say in there to eventually abolish man and woman and only have male and female.... Like that is where we started. Look i may be done with the debate on gender because it appears weve reached the root. You believe you have a feeling of woman inside you, Yet you have never been a woman, how can you "know their truth" as you all like to say. You cannot feel like something that does not exist, and if it does not exist, why not be called by your identifying trait, male or female, and be whoever you feel like being. He and She have NEVER described someones personality or role. Just like when i say she when referring to a female body builder, or he when referring to a gay man. Your pronouns do not effect who you want to be. AND YES, identities are falsifiable. I am not a wolf, I will never be a wolf, and there is no feeling of a wolf because i do not know what that is like.


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How bout we do this.

Describe a perfect communist state

Who runs it?

Do we have guns pointed at our backs making us work?

If i choose not to contribute am i put to death?

How do you make people pick the hard jobs? Who digs the ditches, and who develops the software?

What if something like tik tok was seen as limiting productivity, would this be banned?

If im unable to contribute am i given the same pay as the ones working?

if there are politicians and people making new laws and making sure we meet goals to feed said population and any other need, do they also get the same pay or more?

If I am tinkering in my garage and invent the Iphone, does the government show up at my door and take it? The profit is there's.

And reiterateing the first question who is THEY? who is the government? Who pays people, takes my iphone, and makes sure i contribute? Sounds to me like a ruling class.

If you can answer these questions without taking my liberties then sure ill agree with you. "Give me liberty or give me death" as they say, although you may only care about what you deem as your liberties.

Answering in a simple list would be fine, you dont have to go into detail unless its required.


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Prefacing this by saying you are using loads of buzzwords without really addressing my points

  1. This may be the case. I could imagine not coming out or not transitioning because of how id be viewed by my family. But when we talk about kids here, its just a different story. BUT I've seen the opposite, where they have permanently ruined their body and cannot go back. Here is one worth the read, she is actively protesting against this and i saw her speak in person at a rally against child mutilation.
  2. How can you determine this? Are you saying she wasnt a "True" transgender and she was too stupid to tell the difference? Medically endorsed means nothing to me, electroshock therapy was medically endorsed at one point. Definition of Dysphoria "a state of unease or generalized dissatisfaction with life.". This can be applied to anything you call "dysmorphic" as well. Including but not limited to body weight and other self image issues.
  3. I never asked you to put trust in me, but i also havent tried to discredit you because youre a teen who has more than once quoted a random person directly from one of the subreddits you linked me before. Much of what you say is just what is fed to you by people with financial incentive to do so. (See? a downfall of capitalism. We can agree sometimes)

3.1. Come on, a circular definition? A woman is someone who identifies as
a woman. So THATS why you have not provided the traits of a woman,
because you all have wiped women off of the map. They do not exist
anymore. So you identify as something without any specific trait,
something that can be anything, and lives on a large spectrum?
Sounds like you're a male who enjoys feminine things/ has a feminine
personality, and that is fine. Why do you want to be a woman, if there
is nothing specifically exclusive to women?

  1. Not sure what to say to this, as there is no further way to prove a
    chimps "identity". We are animals by the way, we just have the ability
    for confusion, unlike the chimp

You did send the sheet before, i do not have access


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Ill address them numbered as well to simplify things

  1. a trans woman would not be forced, because she is a woman. A child should not be able to make these choices, just like they cannot make just about any other choice, why is this different?
  2. Imagine if you were a teen boy with large ears that made you dysphoric every time you saw them in the mirror or felt them on your body, and with the guidance of a therapist after months or years of transitioning etc. you got them removed; Or do you think you shouldn’t have the right to make such a decision?...... people have been doing things to their bodies for years, like full body tattoes, horns, and who knows what. I don't have a problem with that, even if i think most stem from trauma or some other issue. Its that no kid should have the responsibility of such a permanent decision.
  3. I have just read the article and it was extremely vague with no real examples, quite unscientific. Also, behaving like a woman or having the interests of a woman really might cause your brain to look more like one of a woman. Just like cab drivers have much largers areas of the brain for depth perception, because they are always using that. regardless this does not change anything to me, there can be feminine men, and manly women. totally fine. Again you still did not tell me, what are the traits of a woman if the ones i stated are gender norms?
  4. (My extra point) Pretend there was a male chimpanzee that behaved like a female. It wanted to care for the babies, was more submissive, lacked aggression, had lower muscle mass and preferred whatever female chimps do, would you consider this a female chimp? would this be scientifically accurate? Or is this a male chimp, exhibiting traits that are typical of a female

I want to clarify i sympathize with anyone with any issues with their body. I just disagree with the solution. I think its poor souls who havent accepted the bodies god gave them. Or nature if thats your thing. Its just i could not imagine these surgeries that have such terrible success rates being the solution.


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It will be capitalist by the way. "open"AI stops being open the moment they can make money and it will always work that way, and im not saying thats right either.

90% of our economy is not essentials. Much of our GDP comes from our films, amazing products, and luxuries other countries dont have. Why do it without financial incentive?

I'm currently making 18.53 an hour in an incredibly easy call center. Why would I go to school and study 20 hours a week in calclulus and other classes if it would not improve my situation? Maybe youre just much better than me, but i doubt you would either. To clarify I'm in my third year of software engineering.

And the stuff your spouting just isnt true. I think TRUE capitilism is very dangerous as weve seen, but so is socialism, even more so (has lead to the death of millions because you put the power and weapons into the hand of a few elite).

another point, when you say scientists, laborers etc, these are the people who become billionaires. Bezos, Steve Jobs, Elon musk, Zuckerberg all provided great value to the world with their inventions and got rewarded handsomely. Without money, there would be very little innovation. Think about Meta, they are pouring billions into VR because they want to one day control the metaverse. Guess what, beautiful innovation and new tech that we all get to enjoy

When i graduate i will constantly be brainstorming about what value i can provide to the economy so that i too can be rewarded, until then i will get paid what im worth from someone in a better position than me, which wont be too bad, because of supply and demand. Do something hard, get paid well, do something easy, get paid poor.

This AI god youre looking forward to will only be created by two things. An overpowering government who wants to gain power over others in the world, or a corporation trying to gain wealth. There is no other motivation in our current world, if so point me to it.


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I did not say all billionaires help, I just said that no poor man can. Also, the charity organization admitted it couldnt solve world hunger "$6B will not solve world hunger, but it WILL prevent geopolitical instability, mass migration and save 42 million people on the brink of starvation." Regardless, i think its a great cause. I also agree having homeless in our country is unacceptable. We already have plenty of socialistic systems in place, I had a guy working with me at a piggly wiggly when i was a teen and he was paying 60 a month for a 4 bedroom house for his 4 kids and "Wife". Most homeless are severely disabled physically or mentally, and they need help. Im not sure the correct way to that end, but im all for it.

Where we disagree is abolishing wealth, that literally makes no sense


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Lmao seriously? These arent reversable. When you grow an Adams apple there is no going back. That is a lie.

And as a "young kid". you put that on purpose. Because you know 15 year old's are getting healthy breasts removed. This should not/cannot happen.

Also, you've mentioned that a transgenders brain matches that of the gender they identify with. What does that mean? Are you telling me that there IS a biological basis for gender? That men and women are different with their own strengths and weaknesses? That sounds very conservative of you. "lol my brain tells me that i want to nurture my kids and stay home from work, hm i must be a girl." Thats pretty ridiculous.


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Okay, so when i mentioned the charity, i was referring to the fact that you said its not profitable to do so. I explained that just because its not profitable, does not mean capitalists do not participate. I dont think a poor socialist is doing much good for the people overseas are they? Its the dirty capitalists who give away billions.

And when you say stay the same what does that mean? Should everything change? Who decides what changes? I think there are plenty of people who do not like the change in this country. But its the politicians mounting all of the vulnerable "victims" together to gain more power, until eventually there is nothing we can do to stop it.