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These buildings don’t want you to stay. It’s in any city you move to a fancy luxury building they want you there for two years max. It’s their model. My guess is if you stay for awhile you become protected. There are great homes in other areas of JC, might not be as fancy but w the extra money you save buying you can get a car and be to those areas in 10 min. And have more space. This is a great city w many great areas. Bet on yourself and buy something, make it your own and continue to make this a great city and screw these robbers.


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No I am honestly asking. I don’t follow I really wish I did more. I am just super busy and personally send my kids to catholic school bc I am so horrified by the jc school system. I wish that wasn’t the case but it is. I enjoy hearing from people who do follow. As a owner and tax buyer and someone who chooses to not send their kids to the schools in this city I am wondering how we improve this situation.


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Let’s just use this school situation as an example. Private and catholic schools opened up pretty quickly. They got the kids back, their scores are good. They managed a budget, followed their curriculum, no issues. Then the public schools, it’s just coming out with how bad test scores are across the country. Closed for 2 years, I’m sure JC is even worse. And the best they can do is take more money. Yet a well run private school can do it for way less, and get better results? Now let’s ask ourselves why? 🤔 They can’t just decide to keep raising tuition or people won’t go. The jc public schools don’t care about you, don’t care about doing the right thing for your kids by going back and figure out why 33k per kid should be more then enough. They just take more bc they can’t be bothered w digging in and finding what the real problem is. And politics make people have no backbone because no one wants to upset anyone. So they will just agree, even if they disagree. And bam your off throwing another couple of thousand dollars at these people for what? Guarantee in two years the school results won’t be much better. It makes them sound like they are trying to do something….but it’s just being lazy.