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If you want to identify what you're looking at, a deck plan is helpful.

Here's an easy to access set:

There are also full size plans available. You can buy some here:

Or you can view deck plans online with an ID on Encyclopedia Titanica:

Having watched the footage, I think a lot of it is right near the bow - that's where Alvin was sitting while they were running Jason Jr.

I was able to identify a winch, capstans, anchor chains, etc on the B deck in the video.


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The EPA in question is the Taiwan EPA, FYI.

Also, this seems pointless. Plastic recycling doesn't work for the most part. As far as I'm aware Taiwan hasn't fared any better than the US in that respect. Most plastics are burned in power plants for fuel, even those that are separated and sent to recycling bins.


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Chinese stream fans have the same issues with parasocial relationships as people in the US do. Quite possibly North Koreans, too.

Just because you dislike the capitalist system doesn't mean it's the root of all evil. Unrestricted capitalism is a problem, but so is unrestricted socialism.