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do ya all just go like;

"hmm this is downvoted... let's make it worse even tho it's not even that bad..."

*gets a subconscious mini-dopamine boost watching the negative digit increase*


You can admit it if that's the case... I often do it for no clear reason as well unless I really feel like it has been wrongly downvoted.

πŸ˜— *downvotes his own comment to increase the digit*


Edit: It's upvoted now


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I went into a chain of thoughts thinking about words we could assign x and my randomly came up with that future generations will use the words like AI or AGI or maybe something else the way we use the word f**k.

Like, this is lighthearted automatic un-processed brain air I'm throwin out...

Maybe something like: "That's cap" = "Artificial"

There's might be slang like "Her project? Oh yea it was really creative! Yea... I know right! she's so DALL.E!" or "He's got the highest grades? yea whatever he's just another dumb GPT to me."

okay Idk...

*posts this comment*


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Lol nice, sure! I was actually imagining returning talking about my this post after year... but then I thought how many things will be going on in our lives as well... like world has so much stuff and this is just like... you can get lost endlessly. You know what I'm saying? Plus with this prediction I know so many things are going to change on so many levels, and this is just one aspect there are tons more like environmental, personal, economic, political/social, etc. factors.


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I'm a strong proponent of David-Sinclair's and Wim-Hof's teachings!

Here's the thing tho... I haven't have had shower in months... I didn't want to say it but it's true (depression is not the reason). Executive Dysfunction is seriously impairing for me... like it's not even funny the worst part is that it's invisible on the outside upto the point that even my breakdowns are seen as stubbornness when I'm literally suffering but in their eyes I'm just a lazy a** kid who's pathetic and doesn't know what it means to put in effort. Mind you Executive Functioning literally effects your effort ability as well! Not to mention If I have a breakdown I tried, why would a lazy person who's not putting in any effort have a breakdown whilst claiming that he was trying the whole time and after so much effort it's all fruitless!


Additionally these situations happen:

A: "I'm really tired... not sleepy or fatigued... just done like I've actually worked so much" (I have literally shown genuine symptoms of actual burnout when really pushed. YES! I'm not kidding with getting sick constantly and everything!)

B: "but you haven't even done anything, how so?"

A: "I don't know but I cannot do anything right now..."

B: *+disappointment and distrust in A*


Crying is a genuine emotion, it shows your brain is literally stressed and is releasing tears in an attempt to stabilize.

Like some people will be think I am always stuck thinking about doing things, trying to do it in my head but not doing it in real life, and then crying when I'm failing and limiting/fooling my ownself by these beliefs of it being just not possible no matter how hard I try. (I hate saying such extreme words... but after years of self-doubt and ending up scaring myself even more by trying to assume I'm okay and It's just me who's the problem, I am left with no choice but to use these words because nothing else will be as direct).


That simple task is like climbing Himalayan Mountains without any gear. Even more so if it's cold water, ironically I've bathed with cold water for like at least 5 years of my childhood, like everyday, as if it was normal.

And omg that was so surprising, you replied in such a kind way! πŸ’™

Don't worry, I didn't take your word to heart I just... started and went on and before I knew it... well you know... (hyperfocus???).


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Let's assume I'm Bill Gates, I decide to go beserk on AI just like Zukerberg did for VR (pathetically).

I can get my hands the worlds most powerful of computers which many developers creating technology don't even have their hands on, I provide it to them and tell them to utilize it to it's maximum capacity freely and let's assume somehow it gained access to the internet (whether by the fault of humans or not, doesn't matter).

If this happens... You cannot even imagine the power... The next instructions people would give to it would be ground-breaking gold that can be used to make jewelry like never before. Or on the contrary like discovering a new element, that can be used to make weapons that might as well mess-up the fabric of reality.

Maybe we won't even need to, maybe it will just end up discovering and even implementing it, both, on it's own without asking us prior permission.


Things don't need to be conscious to be powerful, heck we barely know ourselves our consciousness might as well be an illusion for all we know!

[That's just my opinion on a hypothetical, I think such thing happening would be a huge gamble as it would be quite reckless if not carefully regulated.]


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πŸ‘€ where did these downvotes come from?

Welp... I'll join in...*downvotes his own comment*.




Edit 6: *sigh*

Enjoy the zero I suppose... I guess it's not bad as well... symbolizes existence if you think about it deeply enough, have you watched the movie (tbh it's like documentary) called 'A trip to infinity'? It was quite an interesting watch.

No more edits :3


Edit 5: It's back at 0, again... WHO'S DOING THIS?! πŸ˜€πŸ’’

*makes it a non-zero again*


Edit 4: AWH COME ON! NOT 0 AGAIN! *pouts*

*revokes upvote and downvotes it making it a non-zero*


Edit 3: Okay so it's 0 now, hmm... this is insufferable...

*revokes downvote and upvotes it making it a non-zero*

much better :)


Edit 2: LMAO, downvoted again!

*downvotes back again*

Oh, how I love humans... 🀧


Edit 1: Lol now it's upvoted, nice ✨ *upvotes back*


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r/Angryupvote πŸ₯Ίβœ…

>!It wasn't low-effort for me, or on second thought okay nvm it doesn't matter... I suppose it is actually easy to post something like this, oh how I envy ya all... it's okay there's actually no envy in my feelings, it's more like... okay fine I'll just say it even tho i'll probably get invalidated into oblivion... I have executive dysfunction and I also have some trauma stuff to deal with, I can proclaim I have ADHD but honestly the symptoms matter more here. There's so many simplest of things that my brain just doesn't work for me to execute, like, you guys won't be able to understand it all.!<

>!It's like (metaphorically speaking) being told to pick up a chair with my arms and also being told that I'll be given 100000$ for doing so and the person who's telling me is also being kind and supportive and encouraging, okay so I'll go to pick it because honestly it won't be a big deal I, it's child's play to lift a simple chair by a typical 19 year old, at least for a second, not some advanced arithmetic neither a workout session, so I go to lift it but then I'm just standing there not lifting the chair, with confusion I soon realize that my arms have disappeared... no matter how much effort I put in I cannot lift up the chair with my arms if I have no arms, it will just seem like I'm carelessly standing there being dramatic and perhaps overthinking but not picking up the chair... because the thing is, in the other person's view he can still see that I have arms and if I tell me they are gone for some reason not only do I not understand how or why but they will also think I'm being delusional. And I can't back it up because I have been seen lifting up things a lot heavier than just a chair with my arms at times... only I'm aware of when it happens and how it is like, how helpless it is, and how unpredictable it is.!<

>!My life honestly isn't so great right now but that fortunately doesn't make me dwell in the depths of depression. Although I do get horribly heart-achingly overwhelmingly sad at times... I'm a human too Afterall.!<

>!I wouldn't have been the same without philosophy and the internet. Perhaps I wouldn't even be here honestly...!<


>!Here comes the invalidation train in the replies... don't pity, I'll never hate you, bring it on! I will be able to see if it will trigger me or not in my current state, I can then gather data about myself, I believe it won't based on other previous data, but you know never know. Thank you for allowing me to vent... Feel free to talk with me, although I'm pathetic currently I genuinely want everyone to be happy... but I have a different side as well it's not evil but it's not alturistic either as in if you give me a button that would make the world as I know in it's entirely completely disappear, but I will placed in a world where I am self-actualized and I'm in a utopia personalized for me. I will press the button... might hesistate but I most likely will. My dreams mean a lot to me... but that button won't be coming in my hands rationally speaking so yea, oh btw if you give me the button but I also get to see where the world is going to end up and it seems like my dreams can be fullfilled later on but I'll have to wait and experience imperfect life more then I wouldn't press it at all... I will even wait for 100 years if that's what it will take because I don't want any of ya all to disappear... why? because I in a very very simple you are equal to me but I'm just in my own body and cannot experience your senses. And I wouldn't want to disappear if I were you... This explanation is too simple, so simple it might as well be inaccurate but it does convey how I genuinely want everyone to be happy.!<

Oh my air-molecules I ended writing so much... I'm sorry 😰

>!This is a good live example tho, because I'm not even able to move my finger tips to be able to tap/type/write and communicate at times, like come on how much of a simple task is just typing a single word how can you struggle with that! and look here I've written such a long thing, also ironically, I was also a writer. (at times = quite often but in different ways).!<

>!I'm not able to at times even when I really want to and am interested as well you know. Now just wasn't that time... it happened this morning tho, spend so much time just sitting idle cuz I couldn't do anything even tho I didn't want to waste my time.!<

R.I.P the grammar πŸ’€πŸ˜¬ forgive me... *dies with cringe*


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Me learning a new word, liking it, and then using it whenever I get a chance to use it, like an excited kid... be like this.


Pretty sure I first read the word de-facto somewhere just like 4 days ago at max. And I loved it.... such a nice way to say "in fact existing in reality, regardless of whether widely recognized/accepted by the law or the public".

✨De-facto✨😎You gotta admit, it sounds cool, come on!