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We ate in the Parsippany JT and it was great as always. It was fairly crowded and there was a 30 minute wait. Prices were higher but in line with all the other restaurants in the state.


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From my lifetime of New Jersey living you are in the middle of Central New Jersey. Another entry said you were at the northern point of the shore region and I would have to agree with that too.


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The number of assholes will increase in any given population of people as the total of that population increases. There are also people on the periphery of assholehood and these people are also classified as assholish. Given that a large number of DMV clients are immigrants whose grasp of English is limited, the lack of communication skills must exert an extra pressure on the DMV workers. This communication roadblock plus the complications of New Jersey licences and registration procedures will cause assholish tendencies to increase dramatically.