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Sorry, I may have misread something.

New question: what you exactly mean by "compared to itself"? It can't be literally itself in the same state, as it would be the same, all the time. Can't be a chunk of the material, or any material that has the same temperature in its core and surface would be at 0 difference and...incomperable?

Also, using thermometers isn't using an external point if reference in general? Originally nercury's change in volume to tell a completely different material's temperature. Works because energy transfer.


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Nobody said that we can't have a reference point, just that we have a single atom of an element, as opposed to a macroworld-sized amount to easily determine its phase.

Like if I'm the last person on the world, I can't tell if I'm handsome or if I'm rich, without other people to compare myself. But I know how fast I am, because I don't need other people for a reference system.