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That you can't conceive of people commenting without wanting something in return, like a pat on the back.

I'd say this shouldn't be hard, but you've demonstrated that you find a lot of basic skills pretty difficult.


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>that it never it happened to you when it's something that commonly enough happens

I already answered that as well and you responded with incredulity and a deep misunderstanding of the English language and basic statistics.

To spell it out yet again for you: in a family that has made hundreds of thousands of pizzas, maybe into the millions, it's never happened to us, making the pizzas. That was it. It's literally that simple.

My advice for you: maybe go to more reputable, established places and don't buy shitty frozen pizzas from cumbies and you won't have to worry about finding spare parts in your food.


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Thousands of thousands of pizza places are regularly dropping bolts into their pizzas? This post is literally an anecdotal account, as is your sadsack story about a terrible frozen pizzas.

How many pizzas do you think were made across 20-something restaurants in my family alone over the course of 60 years? Versus these 2 examples?


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Because in a family where we’ve probably made hundreds of thousands of pizzas over the years, it’s never been a problem - so get better pizza. Apparently you don’t understand the difference between running restaurants and having the saddest frozen pizza dinner by yourself.

It’s not rocket appliances.


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Growing up in Worcester in the 90s, it seemed like we reliably got a decent storm or two in November and December, since moving back up this way 5 years ago, even with al the nor’easters in 2018, winters have been really noticeably milder.

Could be my bad memory, but the various articles on New England experiencing some of the most rapid warming in the world right now seem to validate my hunch.


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Software is another one, and probably the more attainable of all of these listed (it's how I am able to mostly afford living here supporting my wife and 1 year old, when neither of my parents went to college, I floundered in college because I had no idea what I was doing, and my grandparents were refugees on one side and blue collar workers on the other), especially with the horror stories I've heard waiting for public or even section 8 housing.


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There are 369 affordable units in Brookline. Not nearly enough, but I don't think any part of Brookline is "undesirable." One of the major projects is a part of my neighborhood, and I think our neighborhood is very nice and they're a great part of it.

Boston is a different story, but when I moved to Brookline from Boston I was surprised at how well-integrated into the denser neighborhoods the few public housing developments were, because that's not really the case in Boston.