Acocke t1_jaalvx3 wrote

I’m confused who these boomers think they’re going to sell to?

Look at the demographics, there is no bigger generation. There will never be another grey wave. Those many who own assets are currently asset rich. Soon they will be selling those assets for cash to the few. All in order to get healthcare and retirement care. They will be selling to those who are deep in debt and who want them dead.

I’m hoping for a huge bust. But frankly speaking I’ve given up. Best case scenario is to bet on options and plan an arbitrage situation where I join a wave of Americans gentrifying another country like Mexico or Portugal.


Acocke t1_j6jj94s wrote

  1. Tax foreign and corporate owned housing. (They are willing to pay more)
  2. Unoccupied and uninhabited units with vacancy past 10 years should be taken by the city by eminent domain.
  3. Make brokers fees illegal and cap real estate transfer costs at set cost as opposed to percentage based.
  4. Incentivize building additional units for sale but not for rent. Owner occupied units are generally better for everyone.
  5. Allow the nimbys to exist but ratchet up property taxes for unit above a certain square footage each Nay vote further subsidizing additional housing units, mass transit, and school. If money goes to anything else, provide teeth to remove elected officials and banish them from the state. (Let’s get puritanical)