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I don't see why not for the NHA except its focused on even less cities than the original 6. It's not that many extra championships tho, so whatever.

I'm actually confused why they don't include 19th century baseball in the annals of baseball stats. Maybe they will do that to 20th century baseball as we get closer to the 21st century. I hope not.


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They come from the pre-superbowl era. Cleveland, Green Bay, New York LA, Boston, Chicago, Montreal and Detroit all benefit from, I guess you could call, "legacy" championships. Back when there were only 6 teams in the leagues and everyone had second jobs to support their sport hobby.

Edit: most of these teams actually benefit from legacy championships. Pays to be early.


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Bruh. The guys that played pre-67 in all sport very literally built everything everyone else played on you doofus. Discounting their play because they wouldn't compete with the hyperfocused athletes of the modern world is silly. The only reason they can focus on the sport is because of those guys.

Soccer is another story.