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We are decades away from only having electric cars on the road, new drilling will be needed to sustain those vehicles in the future. Especially with electric vehicle prices. I personally was wanting to get a F150 Lightning, but it went from 40k to 60k for the base truck. Prices like that keep buyers like me out of the market.


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The United States congress can’t manage to agree on anything, can you imagine trying to get the entire world to agree? Poorer countries wouldn’t be able to afford it, and I doubt rich countries will pay for it in other countries.


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UBI will never happen on a global, or national level. Most likely not even on a state level. It’s a nice dream to think everyone will be able to get paid to sit around and do nothing but it will not happen.


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Well it will never happen. What is a sensible law in China is not sensible in Italy, or Brazil. Same thing with ethics and cultural norms. Humans are childish. Half the world will say no to a good law just because X country suggested it. I personally don’t want to live under a universal one world government even if it was possible, which it isn’t.


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I am sure that there were a few, especially compared to now. But I highly doubt that anyone in the 1920s was like wow there is 1 female scientist in the entire state, I need to make sure when I have this future movie I show women as the lead scientist. Maybe starting 40s-50s it was much more common (again compared to the 1920s, but still minuscule vs now)


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All sorts of things. I would assume that the states would all welcome new arrivals to replace people leaving, but I have no idea. It would be crazy for sure. Or we could just keep going the way we are and have a civil war that would just have the same results with more deaths.


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Lol I mean I’m just assuming that everyone would move where they wanted. You know X group might not want to live in future Republic of Texas so they move to Republic of Illinois, or Y group leaves The Pennsylvania Commonwealth to go live in The commonwealth of South Carolina. No idea how any of it would work in a random future. Hell there might be 50 independent countries, or 5. My point is that splitting up America would solve a whole lot of issues.


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Lol well since the British wouldn’t be drawing the borders in America I imagine it would go much better than Pakistan/India. You realize that there are far more states that vote Republican right? I highly doubt that the majority of those people would consider a conservative government “fascist”. Same as not everyone in a liberal country would consider their state socialist or whatever -ist fits best.


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I appreciate some people are very optimistic that certain things will change for the better, but I’m too realistic/cynical/jaded to have much hope. Maybe when I see our political system perform basic functions without all out wars over the tiniest things I’ll have more faith.


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I think that our founders had no idea how much the world would change. I can’t say it’s their fault, who would have thought 13 colonies would become the worlds biggest super power in less than 200 years? Not to mention how much society has changed.


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I would just like to live in a country that actually functions and where my values are represented. That won’t happen until this country gets split up. Neither side will ever have a super majority of all 3 branches to just push their agenda through