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I'm curious, is there a specific reason you're asking this in /r/SpringfieldMO? Because I figure there are more suitable subs with more users that would give you better results than our local sub.


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It's not that deep. People like the new design enough to want to own a flag or some apparel of it. Who really cares if the original intent was to profit? The city gets a better looking flag and those who put in the work to make it happen get to profit from those who wish to own the new design. Seems like a win-win for both sides, not this "profiteering con" you seem to be implying.


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As if the lines leaking out into the street from Chick-fil-A & Starbucks a little further up aren't bad enough, I imagine this is going to make this already congested area even more of a pain to drive in. Not to mention the popularity of Jefferson being a popular exit out of downtown, the school right there, and Bass Pro traffic just around the corner.


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Sunshine Lanes has a couple of pool tables in their small game room off to the side. They aren't good quality, but they're suitable enough for some casual games with the kids. It's 75¢ or $1.00 per game, I can't remember.


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Could you imagine how many of these kinds of posts we would have if everybody thought their run-in with a bad driver in this city was worth posting about? The sub would be flooded.

I really don't know what OP is expecting in posting this. A round of applause for seeing one of our many poor drivers? Well then, congratulations, I guess.


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