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Nova Tropicals is gorgeous. They do have a betta selection although stock seems to vary - might recommend calling them first to see how much they have in. I definitely recommend checking them out. Even if you don't find your dream betta there if you go, it's still a great store to look around. I didn't end up getting a betta from them, but they're probably my first choice if I decide to restart my tank at some point

I got a betta from Tropical Lagoon in Silver Spring and it ended up having really bad ich which was kind of a pain, especially because I'm new to the hobby.


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There's been so many people blowing red lights lately. I know it's technically Woodley Park, but I personally consider the Zoo to be in CP (not that my say matters lol) - that big accident a few weeks ago, as bad as it was, shed some light on just how bad and dangerous that part of CT is.

Ever since I got rid of my car though, it has really opened my eyes to how insane driving in DC is. I don't even like being in ubers anymore


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I still cannot believe that people see value in the "historic" park and shop. It's so fucking dumb and imo is one of the main drivers (no pun intended) in CP losing its charm. I've lived in the neighborhood since 2019 and I plan on staying, but whenever I'm in a cooler neighborhood I get kind of bummed that we're so behind


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Unrelated to vouchers, but I looked at an apartment in that building in 2019. The rent was really cheap (for CP)...turns out it was really cheap because it didn't have a kitchen sink. The apartment employee said the last tenant would run to and from her bathroom sink to cook. How tf is that legal?

(In retrospect I probably should have reported it but it didn't dawn on me to do so)


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This! True Crime has made women paranoid that there's a monster around every corner. I'm a 30 y/o woman and of course I keep my wits about me when I'm walking alone, as anyone should, but the constant anxiety of there being a predator lurking and waiting to catch you is so unhealthy. Being smart is good, being paranoid is not