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i think this is very true. scares resources like catastrophes are not distributed evenly, any nation which can gain an advantage will do so to a certain extend. The day you got only a few people left, they will have to work together if they want to prosper. Look at the increasing ecological pressure, the consequence is less a collaboration than a currently still quite amicable trade war and race for technology. imo this will turn ugly once shocks of damages with significant magnitude will hit.


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even if, the order of magnitude should be more or less correct, even if inflated by a potency of 10, it is still relevant. in general human impact is that big. i've worked in the oil industry, mainly russian and east europe stuff. there is other stuff that's fucked up on a big scale, toxic stuff you don't even imagine exsists.


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I am actually shocked that this single event causes such a high impact on a global scale. Considering it is a single event, it's quite concerning; think about the potential of the industry.