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TBH, I was waiting for your comment to appear in the notifications lol..
So by your explanations, I understood the following statement -

>A being (living or non living) in existence is determined as the information it carries (which shall be absolutely certain and shall not be 0) per time influenced withholding it's intention added

>Intention does not matter always

>Non living beings constitute pure information whereas living beings constitute information with intention (which develops due to acquired consciousness)
>Now if time is 0, there is nothingness, as (x/0 = can't be defined)
If that is the point then intentions are futile

>(you have added more words, but this are the fundamentals)

Now, this nothingness you described, in my terms, shall be called something less than 0 Dimension and obviously, above it.
0D is described as a singular point, having infinite information. Information is all it carries as a property, After it, new property comes which is Length (1D), then Breadth (2D), then Hight (3D), then Time (4D)
Note all property is but an infinite set of its predecessor property... Infinite group of lines (having length as property) form a plan (having breadth as property) Et cetera..
Now, as you judged (don't know if you judged), there should be some property whose infinite set constitute that property of 0D, having information

That's why I told nothing is everything


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what are you bro!!!
I am enlightened by your words and had this belief since long.. It seems to me I myself is messaging your philosophy as mine.
Thank you.
I am greatly impressed that you told nothing is before time and also after it.
It also seems this nothing you tell is but the synonym of everything
Each and every object, pieces in this 4D cage (universe) we dwell is but a complex illusion of nothing. We conscious being (as you told) moving with time and intention perceive this nothingness as everything.
Now why, that I told nothing is everything ?
For this, we have to find what is truth of existence, the absolute truth
In my views, truth is about change.
Truth of existence for me is two - destruction, leading to creation and again ; with everything in between

>Also, please say some more about how everything comes from nothingness..
I would like to read your statements more