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With a few million dollars, it's easy to be happy even when you're isolated. Hell, I can be happy and I'm mostly isolated and I'm not even rich. Just gotta be a natural loner.


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The latest bloomer I've heard about. A few years ago, there was a 70 or 80 year old granny who suddenly took up painting for fun, and apparently she's so good her paintings regularly sell for thousands of dollars.


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Most of the time, people aren't responsible enough to face their own failures. So they blame others. Just look at celebrities right now.

"Oh our show (a certain show about an accessory and power) did not succeed or get high ratings from the audience because they're all sorts of -istaphobes! Surely, you can never blame us! All we ever did was bring the story to modern audiences."


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I loved my cat. She was a stray cat. She found me while I was training at the local park. She followed me home for some reason. I would walk a few steps away from the park and she'd follow behind. She kept following me until I reached home. From then I thought "Why not?" and so I adopted the little cat.

That was my first time having a cat. My immediate thought was how I was supposed to communicate with her. What I did was that whenever she was far away, I'd sit down on the ground and clap my hands. She would then come to me and sit on my lap. That strangely worked easily, so that's how I always called her. I named her Nikki. Whenever I called her "Nikki", she would just ignore me though. She only responded whenever I clapped my hands.

Nikki was free to go in and out of my place. Whenever I'd go to the park, she would follow me around as well. Thankfully there weren't a lot of people so we were mostly alone majority of the time. Sometimes when I would have to go to a far place like grandma's house, Nikki would jump into a basket. The first few times Nikki got in the car, she got carsick and vomitted. That was weird. It took a few car rides before she got used to it.

Whenever I'd get home from school, Nikki would run to me and then climb to my shoulder. Thankfully her claws didn't hurt too much, but she did a number on my clothes for sure lol! I still wonder why she enjoyed perching on my shoulder like she's some kind of parrot in those pirate movies.

After a few years, Nikki grew bigger! She wasn't a tiny cat anymore! She also seemed stronger because she could suddenly jump so high, around 5 to 6 feet vertically. One day, I noticed she brought home a male cat with her. It was an aggressive fat orange cat. I called it Garfield. That cat was unfriendly at first. He would often try to ambush me whenever I went out of the door. He would jump on the rails and then jump on me to try and scratch me. I'd always dodge him and then he'd stop because I brought him food.

Apparently, Garfield was Nikki's boyfriend. Nikki got pregnant and Garfield left her for some reason. I never saw Garfield again after Nikki got pregnant. What an irresponsible father. Time passed and I noticed that Nikki's belly was quite big already. I learned that when an animal's giving birth, you should leave them alone so that the children can "bond" with the parent. I left Nikki for a while and when I came back, there were three kittens. I didn't know cats can pop out three kittens at a time!

Time came when I had to leave for a far away place, so I left Nikki and her kittens to my relatives. I miss Nikki.