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I love Nikki's Dawgs, but I can't figure out her hours anymore. She used to be very active on Facebook posting her schedule changes , but seems to have gotten locked out of her account, and last summer I went by a few times during what were posted hours and she wasn't there.


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Are you looking for a consignment shop (where they pay you a portion of what they sell the item for), or a thrift store where you donate it to them to sell and have no further contact ? Knowing which term you're looking for will help your search


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Does your school have any clubs? Even though you take classes online, if your school has clubs, that might be good ! Otherwise I second the other recs here - the only caution about Bumble BFF is I've heard there's still a LOT of MLM recruiters on there , so just be warned about that. Good luck !


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NJ is the weirdest place I've lived for cars obeying crosswalks, in that they just don't do it. I've had cars behind me go into the opposite lane of traffic to pas when I stop at a red light and theres a pedestrian In the middle of the crosswalk. I've seen cars clip pedestrians by trying to squeeze around them when they're in the middle of the crosswalks- regular people and cops both. When I've been crossing the street WITH A CROSSING GUARD during school zone hours, cars have tried to squeeze around me to keep going. One time I was walking in Woodbridge and the announcement for the walk symbol said to be cautious, that cars may not stop. It's baffling, and there's no reason for it.


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NJ is tough because even if you live somewhere with a frequent train line, you won't necessarily be able to walk/cycle to a grocery store, and there's no local bus to take you around town. Or you live somewhere cute and walkable , but the weekend train only runs every 2 hours. You have to decide what's manageable for you and start there.


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I've never worked somewhere that was 8 hours INCLUDING lunch. It's always been 8 hours working and lunch is separate. The places that pay for your lunch period are the rarity, I think ! Or they just call it a 35 hour week , everyone is exempt , and work through lunch.


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When I was transferring my NY to NJ license, I didn't have enough documentation to get the Real ID here, so I just have the regular license, but then it got pushed from 2022 to 2025. So by the time I have what I need to qualify and have the time to go again , I'll probably be in a different state anyway and have to deal with it there 😬


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I just made the switch from ATT to Google Fi because I was tired of paying high prices for poor coverage. So far I haven't had any issues with Fi, and it's significantly cheaper. I also upgraded to unlimited when I went abroad and had excellent coverage with unlimited data. I can't speak to your hotspot question though !


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Finding an active Meetup Group helps. Volunteering in something of interest to you , then you can ask those people where people go. Depending where you are hanging out , it's true that a lot of people have known each other a long time and the social groups are more established. But going in with an open mind will take you much further than putting people down.