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I wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt in that regard, but many of those groups aren't "liberal" so much as they are socially progressive or charitable.

It's especially suspicious in that they have separated "liberal" from "Democratic" and "Republican" party and candidate giving specifically, a detail that you will see with a brief glance through the comments has escaped most of the great minds of Reddit. Especially especially because so many political parties outside the US that broadly share those views simply go by the Liberal Party.

The inescapable conclusion is that OP either has a clear agenda and knowledge and has phrased his post deliberately misleadingly or they simply have an extremely inaccurate definition of liberal... and an agenda.


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Germany isn't deterring anyone with their 300 obsolete tanks. Who's going to invade them anyways? Poland? Denmark? Hungary, lmao? Not happening.

That's the real deal with the "modern" tank designs, btw, they're all forty years old now and all vulnerable to modern AT.

There's an actual modern Abrams design on the way (and the rebirth of light tank philosophy) that aims to have countermeasures but the real thing is this Ukraine war will be the last chance obsolete, fifty or forty year old designs like Leopards, Challengers, and M1s have in a genuine tank vs tank setting.

Germany might as well just send all 300 rust buckets and embed design engineers to figure out how to make a modern replacement.


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It certainly has some parallels, but that war was far more complex than this one, and Lenin never went around advocating killing Ukrainians for being Ukrainian, as far as I'm aware.

While he lived he even supported Ukrainian identity... And then he weakened, and died, and Stalin seized the reins.

But whatever you think about whether either was a true believer in communist ideals, I think we can both agree Putin doesn't believe for one second this invasion is an anti-fascist war.

And, of course, there's the simple fact that WW2 came after their invasion of Ukraine and had a whole different generation of troops.


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Not having the right doesn't mean you can't get one, it just means the government didn't guarantee it. Although the reality of war means if you're outright killed you're probably going in the mass grave before your family can claim the body.

Fun fact: If you're an American, you don't have the right either. Unclaimed bodies are usually cremated and buried in collective graves.